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& Training

  • Clinical supervision for LCSW and LCAS licenses

  • Supervision group for healthcare social workers

  • Online training delivery


Previous experience includes: Faculty with the

Clinical Services

Experience: 10 years as a therapist specializing in addiction treatment, weight management and related issues.

Previously worked at Structure House and UNC Health. 

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Current clients: The National Council's Center of Excellence for Integrated Health Solutions and NC DHHS

Past clients: Charlotte AHEC and UNC's Tobacco Treatment and Weight Management Programs

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Monthly supervision group specifically for healthcare social workers, especially LCAS-A’s and LCSW-A’s and more seasoned clinicians who are new to healthcare. Each month there will be a topic (i.e.: patient advocacy, working well with medical providers, burnout prevention), at least one case to discuss, and open discussion. For A’s, this group can supplement individual weekly supervision. The group is led by Laurel Sisler, a LCSW LCAS CSI with 8 years experience in healthcare social work leadership. Each group will be held virtually at a mutually agreed upon date and time and capped at 6 people. Cost is $50/group and a 1-year commitment to promote group cohesion is expected.

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